Preview CD: Image Matters: Creating a Successful Image 
Packed with Cathrine’s stories and tips for maximizing your image impact.
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Wardrobe Color Guide
Our response to color is psychological – we’re born with it! Packed with color savvy for every occasion. Durable, laminated ready-to-hang-in-your-closet reference. Heavily researched, yet so easy to use. Start reinforcing your message when you walk into the room! 
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EVERYTHING About You Speaks! 
Mastering the Language that’s Louder than Words

In this enlightening book, discover how you can purposefully present yourself, communicate your message effectively, build rapport, and create mutually beneficial relationships, all based on respect. When you are aware of the messages you communicate, you’ll be amazed by the positive impact it can have on your life and in the relationships you develop. 
Online price  $19.95