Personal Coaching

Cathrine Hatcher, founder of Personas Image Dynamics, has owned her own business in a hypercompetitive field for 20 years. Learn from her experience in personal presentation and savvy business relationship building to achieve your own goals.

Our personal coaching services are tailored to your questions, challenges, and schedule. Call today to discuss your needs.

Seminars, Workshops, and Keynotes

People learn better when they learn together. Cathrine prizes every opportunity to facilitate this process. Her approach is interactive and involves every attendee. Everyone participates, and everyone learns!

We typically customize a program based on the goals and needs of each unique audience. Past topics have included…

What is Corporate Casual Dressing?
Creating a good first impression is a little tougher in a Business Casual environment. Casual can work for you! We’ll show you how.

Dress The Message
Impression management and positive image communication begins with the clothes you choose. See what your closet is saying about you.

Using Body Language
Communicate positive messages both spoken and unspoken, and get control of habits or mannerisms that can work against you.

Communicating With Color
Professional doesn’t need to be monochromatic! The psychology of color is one of many important tools you’ll learn to manage.

Etiquette For Business & Social Settings
Tried-and-true as well as the new rules for modern social situations. Discover how to the right thing to do in all circumstances.

Improving Your Attitude
Professional doesn’t need to be cynical, distant, or ruthless.

Using The Spoken Word
Be properly heard with vocal variety & other foundations of healthy speech.

Creating Good Conversations
Do you often find yourself intimidated when conversing with strangers? Are you always hijacking a conversation? If you’re ready to improve your ability to meet people and leave them with a gracious impression, we can help!

Networking Strategies
Building relationships starts with the very first meeting. Learn how to make the most of these opportunities to connect with other people.

Contact us today to plan your interactive event!

Very Special Services for Cancer Patients

Looking and feeling your best is a matter of medical importance to oncology patients! Chemotherapy doesn’t have to sap your schedule, your spirits, or your will to live.

Our individual and group services include:

Makeup maintenance. The person looking back at you in the mirror may not be the one you’re used to seeing. We can show you how to maintain your appearance under duress.

Hair and wig counseling. Wigs are a fact of life for many oncology patients. They can be fun, professional, and time-saving. Let us help you think through your selection and know what to expect from your cranial prosthesis.

Positive mental strategies. The experience of oncology treatments can reduce your energy level. But it doesn’t have to flatten you! Keeping your spirits up is key to succesful treatment. We’ll help you find the right mental approaches to meet this big life challenge.

Other questions and issues are also addressed by a caring, knowledgeable professional who understands and respects what the patient is going through. Please call to learn more about our very special services for cancer patients.