The Basics:


  • Communicating Your Message Successfully with Color and the Right Wardrobe Choices.

    It’s important to understand the human response to color. Just because we may like some colors or they may look best on us, does not mean they’re the right colors for every situation or message. Our response to color is psychological – we’re born with it! Along with color, another way we can

    communicate non-verbally and support our message is through the use of our wardrobe choices.

    Sharpening Your Listening Skills Improves Your Image

    Generally, eighty to ninety percent of our bodies are covered with clothing. Why not use them to communicate for us?

    Learn how to communicate more effectively by supporting one’s verbal message non- verbally, through the use of color and by selecting the wardrobe items that communicate best for each situation! 


    • What Is Your Body Saying? Using Body Language to Successfully Build the Relationships in Your Life.

      Subliminal messages are given and received by all of us. Those around us can pick up on our attitude and will gage what they think are our real intentions by looking at our body language. One key thing to remember is that we cannot not communicate….we’re always communicating something Relationships,

      whether in business or in our personal, lives take work and consideration.

      Find out how to use your body language as an important tool to building relationships in your business, social and personal life and how you can use it to exude success and confidence!

The 12 Beliefs People Will Form About You….Successfully Communicate Your Message.

As we view other people, we begin to code information about them into our own personal experience assessments and start making evaluations about their character and other attributes. It’s sad but true; there may have been times when those around us did not like what they saw in us, so they didn’t give us a chance to show them who we really are. In less than 30 seconds, those around us have already begun to develop certain beliefs about us….there are 12 potential beliefs and they will believe one or more of them about us. Over time many of us have developed some bad habits or patterns that give others the wrong ideas about us. Learn what these beliefs are and how you can convey the right beliefs about you!




Effective Image Impressions/Communications:


  • Assessing Nonverbal Language.

    Subliminal messages are given and received by all of us. Those around you can pick up on your attitude and gage what they think are your real intentions from looking at your body language. Your body language is an important tool to building relationships so it’s important to learn to use it to exude success and confidence in yourself. Relationships, whether in business or in your personal life, take work and consideration.

    Discover how to focus on bringing out the good parts of you, especially if you have acquired some bad body habits or insecurities. You will learn to exude real confidence and will learn better ways to interact and exude that confidence, even in strange situations!


    Your Image Matters on The Telephone.

    • Those that hear you can read much more meaning into your words based on the inflection and tone of your voice. Once you take the visual part of your Image out, the person you are talking to on the phone now makes judgments about you based on your tone of voice, the intonation of your voice and the words you are saying…. alone. The person on the other end of the phone who hasn’t met you yet begins to formulate visual images in their mind about what you must be like including what you look like.

      The old saying “It’s not what you say, but how you say it” really applies here. Learn how you can be perceived as likeable, more knowledgeable and trustworthy by using your voice more effectively on the phone! 


      Sharpening Your Listening Skills Improves Your Image.

    • The largest part of communication is the listening part. Why else do you suppose we have two ears

      and only one mouth? Our ability or lack of ability to listen affects our Image and the impression
      others will have of us. If we are good listeners, generally we can become great communicators because those two parts of communication are directly linked.

      So many of us want to get our message out, without first finding out which message the other party wants to hear. In this session you will begin to learn how good of a listener you currently are. You will also be given listening techniques that will help you become a better listener 

Impact In Business:


What Your Image Is REALLY Saying About You In The Social Media World.

Today, marketing ourselves online is critical to the success of our businesses. Online, we have shorter and shorter attention spans….the average is about 5-9 seconds mainly because we have so many options and many of us have no time to search for needed information. People are looking for sites to “get to the point”. Visitors to our social media profiles are heavily influenced by first Impressions.

  1. Learn how to design your site for greater impact by using color and visual aids. You will Learn what type of profile pic works best for you and how much and what type of pictures communicate the best messages. You will also learn what type of content attracts your target audience. All of these decisions are dependent on answering 3 important questions…. learn what they are!


    A Leader’s Effective Impression – Creating More Influence.

    1. As a leader in the public spotlight or in the spotlight of those you lead, you need to consider how others may view you, especially if you aspire to be an effective leader. Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, the fact remains that every day in your interactions with others, you are influencing the people

      around you….one way or another. Your influence can be either positive or negative, depending how you project yourself and the perspective of those you lead. It is an investment in your career as a leader to carefully craft your leadership style and Image/Impressions.

      If you want to sell yourself….and persuade others to buy-in to your ideas, you need to be able to effectively positively influence those to whom you are selling. We’ll share techniques of positive rapport building influence that will make you a more effective leader. We will explore how to recognize how others with different response styles will more positively respond to you as a leader which will in turn help you to develop the habit of becoming consciously aware of your influence on others.

What’s Your “R Quotient”? R = Relationship!

“People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust”….Perry Belcher. At Personas Image Dynamics, we refer to this as the “R Quotient”. From an Image perspective, there are many things we can do to increase our ability to attain and retain clients. Generally in building client relationships in our fast paced world, we have a very limited amount of time to build that relationship. The “R Quotient” formula is Relatablity + Rapport = Relationship.

Learn how to quickly be more Relatable, how to enhance your Rapport with others and build successful Relationships. This program teaches the process of establishing social and/or compatible relationships that lead to creating chemistry or long lasting bonds with your clients. 


Effective Presentations:


Using PowerPoint Effectively:

Using visual aids can be a useful tool to enhance your presentations….if you use them right! The biggest, most important point to know is how to use them and to always have a back up plan. If using computers this is especially true as they can be temperamental sometimes and if all your presentation is wrapped up in your PowerPoint slides you could find yourself in trouble one day. One key to using any type of visual aide it to make sure the tools you use are appropriate for the size room in which you’ll be presenting.

Discover how to select the visual aids that are most effective for you to use for specific presentations to drive your message home. If you want to emphasis your message, put
it in written form. That being said, learn to use these aids selectively with purpose
and powerfully. 

  • Improving your Halo Effect As The Presenter:

    Your Halo Effect is the impressions others will have of you based on something you do well or possibly because of one or more of your personality traits that are really exceptional. The overall impression of you is improved when others view your outstanding qualities in a positive way. The Halo Effect is one of the things celebrity speakers rely on to get many of their speaking gigs.

    Learn effective ways to polish your Halo! Polishing your Halo is a good thing because it will help you get better opportunities, better speaking opportunities within your company/ organization, better job interviews, better chances to meet interesting people, and more opportunities in your social life. Having a polished Halo can also help to cover some of the areas in which you may have some challenges. 

Speaking With Passion:

Are your presentations empty of any emotion or void of passion? Maybe you’ve spent hours rehearsing your presentation and it no longer sounds fresh and new to you….or maybe you weren’t all that excited about it in the first place. Do you need to find a topic to be passionate about….or maybe to find passion with the presentation you already have?

Fear can get in the way of you expressing yourself and your presentation with the appropriate emotion and with passion. Discover how to face fears like the fear of failure, the fear of Public Speaking, the fear that you might look ridicules if you “mess up” and any other fears associated with giving presentations to others. Learn the 3 Steps to conveying your message in an impactful and passionate way.</>